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Dragon Scarf Pattern

 I searched Ravelry high and low for a Crocheted  Dragon Scarf pattern but could not find any that I loved. There were lots of adorable knit ones and a huge and detailled crochet one but it was just too big and complicated for what I was after. I wanted something quick and simple. Something that could be completed in an evening while watching trashy tv so I made my own. 
If you come across any errors or ways in which the pattern can be improved feel free to let me know.
Feel free to sell anything you make using this pattern but please do not claim the pattern as your own.

You'll need:
I used 200m of 8ply for the main colour. You might want more if you want your scarf longer.
Scraps of a second contrasting colour for the spine and facial spikes
Safety eyes or black yarn or felt.
3.75mm hook
4.5mm hook
Handfull of stuffing

sc- Single Crochet
dc- Double Crocher
tc- Triple Crochet
sc2inc - sc 2 stitches in the same stitch. Increase made
sc2tog - Sc 2 stitches together. Decrease made
dc2tog - dc 2 stitched together. Decrease made

We're going to start with the dragons head. It's worked in the round. Use the smaller crochet hook.

Round 1: 6sc in a magic ring (6)
Round 2: sc2inc around (12)
Round 3: sc 1, sc2inc, around (18)
Round 4: sc 2, sc2inc, around (24
Round 5, sc 3, sc2inc, around (30)
Round 6: sc around (30)
Round 7: sc around (30)
Round 8: sc 3, sc2tog (24)
Round 9: sc around (24)
Round 10: sc 2, sc2tog (18)
Round  11- 15: sc around
Round 16: sc 2, sc2inc (24)
Round 17: sc around (24)
Round 18: sc 3, sc2inc (30)
Round 19: sc around (30)
Round 20: sc 4, sc2inc (36)
Round 21 - 24: sc around
Round 25: sc 4, sc2tog (30)
Round  26: sc around (30)
Round  27: sc 3, sc2tog (24)
Round 28: sc 2, sc2tog (18)

Stuff and add eyes

Round 29: Now fold the head closed and crochet through 2 stitched at a time. Crochet the head closed using 7 sc stitches.
Round 30: sc around very loosely

Now we're going to start on the scarf. To get the scaley look we're using a mixture of dc and sc. From round 32 make sure that you're doing a dc in the sc of the previous round and a sc in the dc of the previous round. Switch to larger hook and chain 1.

Round 31: Turn, sc in same stitch,dc, sc, dc, sc,dc, sc
Round 32: Chain 2  and turn. dc in same st, sc, dc, sc, dc,sc,dc
Round 33: Chain 1 and turn. sc,dc,sc,dc,sc,dc,sc
Round 34: Chain 2 and turn *dc,sc* in same stitch, sc,dc,sc,dc,sc, *sc,dc* in same stitch
Round  35: Chain 1 and turn, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc
Round  36: Chain 2 and turn, *dc, sc* in same stitch, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc *sc, dc* in same stitch
Round  37: Chain 1 and turn, *sc, dc* in same stitch, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc *dc, sc* in same stitch
Round 38: Chain 2 and turn,*dc,sc* in same stitch, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc *sc, dc* in same stitch

If you want the scarf to be wider add another increasing row or two here

Round 39: Chain 1 and turn, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc
Round 40 Chain 2 and turn, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc

Repeat Rounds 39 and 40 until you reach your desired length. I did 70 rows but you may want yours longer.

Round 100: Chain 1 and turn. sc2tog, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc sc, dc, sc2tog
Round 101: Chain 2 and turn, dc2tog, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc2tog
Round 102: Chain 1 and turn. sc2tog, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc2tog
Round 103: Chain 1 and turn. sc2tog, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc, sc2tog
Round 104 Chain 1 and turn. sc2tog, sc, dc, sc, sc2tog
Round  105: Chain 1 and turn. sc, dc, sc, dc, sc
Round 106: Chain 2 and turn, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc
Round 107: Chain 1 and turn. sc, dc, sc, dc, sc
Round 108: Chain 2 and turn, dc, sc, dc, sc, dc
Round 109: Chain 1 and turn. sc, dc, sc, dc, sc
Round 110: Chain 1 and turn. sc2tog,sc,dc,sc2tog
Round 111: Chain 1 and turn. sc, dc, sc, dc
Round 112: Chain 2 and turn, dc, sc, dc, sc

Repeat rows 111 and 112 7 more times each (so you'll have 14 more rows)

Round 127: Chain 1 and turn. sc, dc, sc, dc
Round 128: Chain 2 and turn, dc2tog
Round 129 - 132: Chain 1 and turn. sc, sc
Round 133: Chain 1 and turn. sc2tog
Round 134: Chain 1 and turn. sc
Fasten off

Spine Spikes
Fold your finished scarf  in half length ways to make easier to see the middle of the dragons back. Using the same colour yarn that you crocheted the dragon and starting at roughly Round 31 of the scarf sc along the centre to the tip of the tail. Fasten off.

Switch to your contrast yarn and join it at the tip on the tail. On mine I did 3 different types of scales; Small, Medium and Large. I did the small ones on the tip of his tail and then I switched to medium and then to the large and then as I got closer to the head I did the medium and finally the small again. In between each spike I slip stitched into 2 stitches. This is important otherwise the spikes will ruffle up and won't be so defined.
Small spike: *sc, hdc, sc* In same stitch
Medium spike:  *hdc, dc, hdc* In same stitch
Larch Spike: *dc, tc, dc* In same stitch. 

For the wings, I use the wing pattern from Elizabeth Mareno's Pokemon Charizard Look-Alike Pattern. The pattern is located about halfway down the page. Make 2 total.

Nose Spike
Round 1: 6sc in magic ring,
Round 2: sc around
Round 3: *sc 1, sc2inc* around
Round 4: sc around
Round 5: sc around
Round 6:sc around
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing

Head Spikes (make 2)
Round 1: 6sc in magic ring,
Round 2: sc around
Round 3: sc around
Round 4: *sc 1, sc2inc* around
Round 5: sc around
Round  6: *sc 2, sc2inc* around
Round  7: sc around
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing

Sew the nose spike to the front of your dragons head and head spikes towards the back of his head on each side. Sew the wings to the body. I sewed mine close so that the straight edge was flush with the spinal spikes and the triangle part was attached a little further down the back. Sew in all your loose ends.


  1. Thank you so much, can't wait to make this and add him to my Dragon Collection :)

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    Lee Ann

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  14. Round 29 is a row, correct? And pretty much everything else is a row to

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  17. Thanks so much for sharing your talent, as well as making the pattern available for free. It is greatly appreciated!

  18. Thanks so much for sharing your talent, as well as making the pattern available for free. It is greatly appreciated!

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  25. Love this pattern so far! I'm a little confused by round 29-30 at the end of the head. When you say, fold it and crochet it closed with 7 sc in 2 stitches each, I'm guessing I'm supposed to sc in pairs of stitches opposite each other and then I just have a line of 7 sc. But then round 30 says to "sc around loosely". The "around" part confuses me because I'm not in the round anymore. Am I just supposed to do sc across the 7 sc?

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